University of California supports Obama!

March 5, 2008

I could not glean from the explanatory side note on this website, but apparently, in some manner the University of California has given almost $175,000 to Barack Obama’s campaign, albeit not from the U of C itself but “rather the money came from the organization’s PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families.” This would amount to being Obama’s 17th largest donor. I need not tell you, if you are properly skeptical, that this seems highly problematic that a university system would give money to any political candidate. Of all institutions, one of those that least needs to be politicized is a university. On the other hand, if money is given to both Rep and Dem candidates, I similarly cannot understand the wastefulness of giving equitably to two parties, the actions of which would seem, in effect, to be canceling each other out. More importantly, however, I must ask, is this where my stinking tuition has been piddled away into the last few months?



  1. well why not think of it this way………..there better have been a very LOONNG string attached to that donation to that candidate with the expectation of some reform in the education systems, possibly one that would actually BENEFIT all of the students.

    Contributions by Geography
    More than any other state.

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  4. lately, i’ve been very cynical about “donations” such as these because “donations” usually end up as leverage for congressional budget set aside to fund special projects which benefit the “donors” … otherwise known colloquially as “pork”.

  5. You dummies! Follow the EGGS! i.e. stem cell awards – who gave, who profits, and edp a fat white dude in Indiana, Woodrow Myers, — he and his wife PERSONALLY donated 56,000.00 to Nobama,from FEC:
    RANCHO PALOS VERDE,CA 90275 SELF EMPLOYED/PHYSICIAN 8/31/08 $28,500 Obama, Barack (D)
    —now see what company he is joining that is publicly traded:
    From web: Currently Dr. Myers serves on the board of directors of Genomic Health [GHDX], Express Scripts [ESRX] and Stanford University Hospital, he is a Visiting Professor of Medicine at UCLA School of Medicine,
    now note the stanford Univ and ucla rela,
    (and look up on the fec site how much stanford (thru pacs too) has given Obama. I cannot go into more detail as my eyes are so tired from linking all the $ (takes lots of time) but trust me, it is all about $ and stem cell research and billions of dollars in profite — millions for Mr. “I just want to spread the wealth around” and his wife (whom is in the healthcare industry.)
    So if I disappear, tell my kids who is behind what happended to me (or will they just send me to a reeducation camp?)
    oh, and Univ of Cal (forefront in stem cell research) has now given Obama over 777,000.00. HOw many underpriv’d kids would that have helped huh?
    We are all just a bunch of lazy idiots that do not love our country enough to seek out the real truth. Here’s a great video/link that sums it up tho:

  6. Actually, if I recall correctly, most of our money has gone to our VERY IMPRESSIVE sports team.

    Thanks for passing that fee increase Tritons. Over 60% of our school came out to vote on that issue…I believe that’s the largest number ever to vote on a school related issue. I think our UCSD Student Council Presidential elections only get maybe 40% of us to vote.

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  8. The UC system PAC was the single largest contributor to Obama, an international socialist and neo-Marxist who, during the campaign, said the US Constitution needs to be re-written because our founding fathers were “blind” in their vision for America. Now the UC alumni association wants me to contribute $ to help bankrupt Kalifornia. I suggest they go to the PAC or “the savior” himself. What’s happening in Kalifornia right now may soon be happening to the U.S. Vote freedom first! UC grad, ’69.

  9. Reallywhatever – You big dummy – UC donated 1.6 Million – you putz!



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